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January Goal Update Thingy

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Here we are at the end of the month of January. Have I met my goals?

I set out to:

1. Get over my fear of phone calls.
2. Empty the trash/rubbish every 9 days (instead of once weekly).
3. Optimize my Starling Cow Etsy account.

I am pleased to say things have gone very well!

1. I do think I am over my fear of phone calls. I believe it would’ve been easier to meet this goal if I had an actual cell phone, but hey, challenges are good!

2. The first time I emptied the trash, it had been just five days since it was last emptied. Sad, I know. But there were some things like cat litter in it that took up a huge volume of the bag.
The second time I emptied it (today) it had been an entire 21 days since the last time! This is amazing as it is actually quite close to my goal of emptying it once a month!
The reason for the extreme change is I switched the cat litter I was using so it no longer was thrown away, and obsessively started recycling/reusing. And started a burn pile. Cardboard (that cannot be recycled), thick paper, paper wrappings, string, etc, will all be burned once a month!

3. This goal I did not do as well with. I did do an acceptable job optimizing Etsy, but there are still things I could do. Since today is the last day of the month, I will try to get them all done TODAY.

So now I guess I have to make my new goals for February!

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31 January 2012 at 2:17 PM

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