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Building an Eco Friendly Chicken Coop for 3 Homeless Hens

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You know how I have that New Year’s Challenge of creating less waste and contributing less to landfills?  Well I’m actually doing all right with it!

1. I changed the cat litter I was using for my two cats from clay to pine pellets.  It’s so much better in so many ways!  NEVER GOING BACK.  (No odor, easy cleanup, compostable, poop goes in toilet not rubbish bin, etc)

2. I am reusing non-recyclable containers as planters and selling some of the new plant arrangements at a local artists’ shop.

3. I am buying less packaged foods and making sure to bring my canvas shopping bags with me!

4. I am composting obsessively (all food scraps and bones that are not edible to my other animals)

5. I am preparing my garden (still harvesting carrots and broccoli) for an early spring season of vegetables so I can eat healthy and well without spending money on expensive food and packaging to be thrown away into the landfill. (By the way, three growing seasons in a year!)

6.  Oh, and I’m going to build a completely eco friendly chicken house and run for three chickens that my parents are getting rid of!
So, free chickens, free healthy, organic eggs, free pest control in my garden!
(Oh, I won’t actually build it alone.  Daly needs to be there to work the heavier, more dangerous machinery since I have a habit of accidentally hurting myself.  Today: Weeded garden.  Came inside with a bloody knuckle FROM THE DIRT.)

Eco friendly chicken house = A chicken house made out of reused, recycled, or found materials.  No new materials can be purchased.  Used or old materials can be purchased, but only when found materials are unavailable/will not suffice.

I am basing the design after the several designs on this website:

I’ll be using the style of mostly “The Alexandria” but making several changes to the interior, such as a higher roof for extra roosting space, a birdcage-like floor for easy cleaning (either wire bottom with removable trays, or just removable trays, not sure yet), two nesting boxes with hinged outer roofs for easy egg access, and a tin roof, because I do not have shingles, but I do know where I can acquire some tin roofing.  I also want a round door.  Round like hobbits have.

My sources for supplies will be: Daly’s house, my parents’ house, my Grandpa’s house, the dump, the Habitat for Humanity store, and ReStore (similar to Habitat, but bigger).
If I need to, I will also make use of the internet like Craigslist and Freecycle for last resort things.

And in other news, I have reached my monthly goal for January of emptying the trash every 9 days (except I’m currently on the eleventh day!)
I also think I’ve very nearly completely gotten over my fear of phone calls.  I’ll be calling someone tomorrow!

Not many days left in the month, and I’ve still not optimized my Etsy shop.  I will hopefully work on that a bit tomorrow!


Written by Star

23 January 2012 at 9:11 PM

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    6 February 2012 at 8:28 PM

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