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February Goals/Challenges

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After a bit of thought, I have decided on my goals for the month of February (each leading up to my ultimate yearly goals).
So here they are!

1. Be comfortable asking for things (especially things I need).

2. Don’t empty the trash for at least 21 days, preferably more.

3. Start a Kickstarter campaign for making dishwashing soap (eco friendly, all natural, paleo-friendly, vegan).
How will I accomplish these?
Well, the second and third goal are easy. I’ve already seen that it’s possible to go for 21 days without emptying my rubbish bin (without it smelling up the place or anything), so surely it should be able to at LEAST reach that point. Who knows, maybe I’ll make it through the whole month!!

The first goal is a bit more tricky. I always feel awkward and uncomfortable asking for stuff. Especially from my parents.

I have already started working on this. I asked Daly’s mom for avocados, if they were cheaper than $1.00 a piece. She got them for me. :)
I really need to work on asking things from my parents, specifically my mother. I have been asking my dad for some building supplies as we build our chicken house, and that’s gone well.

I have a hard time asking for things from my mom (even when I need stuff) because I always feel like she is going to say no, or question why I need certain things. I need to get over this fear of disapproval, and the best way is to ask for things from my mom. I see her 4-8 times a month, so each time I see her, I’ll try to ask her for something. Maybe I’ll start with something small. Some chicken eggs, perhaps. Then I’ll work from there!

I’ll let you know how it goes at the end of this month! :)


Written by Star

2 February 2012 at 9:43 PM